Musical Analysis of “Ambre” by Else


Ambre – Else – 2017


The song has a very interesting introduction using what sounds like background noise from a busy restaurant while bringing in the electronic instruments behind. After that the song feels like it truly begins. The instruments chosen are smooth like a calm ocean with swells coming in. No one instrument takes control for the whole song but each has its time in the forefront of the song combining for an overall calming song. There is also many sound effects used to bring instruments in and out (Dubspot).


This song has a form that stays consistent throughout the song, no changes in form are noticeable. However the melody and instruments do change, but when they do it is along the same pattern. The song is in common time and divides itself into eight measure chunks. Each measure explores a similar but unique way to express the common theme. I particularly like this song for driving, it is relaxing for a long trip.


There is one rhythm that stays consistent through out the song, a note always falls on the beat. Most sections use triplets and some use quarter notes, but there is always something falling on the beat. This makes it even more powerful the few times that they skip a beat. My personal favorite times are when most of the instruments cut out. This keeps me interested in what the next section is going to offer.


‘Ambre’ provides a wide range of musical notes. The lowest are the bass, bass drum, and background synth; there are the percussion, more synthesized melodies, and the restaurant noise sample; and at the highest frequencies are some light electronic. The complete range of audible frequencies is used in this song, which for me provides complete satisfaction (Elert). No part of my ear is left wanting and I feel satisfied with this song.


The dynamics of this song are very unique. I would say that most popular songs today build to a climax and then come back down for the end. This song instead brings in dynamics changes frequently and in specific instruments. The beginning fades in the song and continues to fade in and out different tones. While in, some melodies are put on a cycle of about one measure going from loud and noticeable to quiet and subtle. This effect is what I think truly makes the song calming. It is used in the same sense that waves coming in and out at a beach is relaxing.



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2 thoughts on “Musical Analysis of “Ambre” by Else

  1. The way you describe the song not only lets me feel what you feel for the song but also how you care. The song also has a nice repetition to an ascending scale within the tempo. A different feel with more to the song than just the front instruments.


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